Humates and fulvates are organic (humic) acids derived from humus. As plants and animals die, the process of biodegradation begins. Humus is the dark organic material that is left and contains a widevariety of the nutrients needed for soil to be fertile and for plants to grow.

Over millions of years, this organic matter is compressed into a dark, coal-like substance. The extraction of humates and fulvates from this substance makes the trace minerals contained in humus available to plants and soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilisers for plant growth and improving the fertility of soil.

Plant Elixir Fulvates

How do Plant Elixir Fulvates work?

Plant Elixir Fulvates contain 8.24% Fulvic Acid. The Fulvic Acid molecule much smaller in weight than the Humic Acid molecule. It still acts as a chelator by clawing to micronutrients, but unlike Humic Acid which forms crystals in soil by wrapping around trace elements, Fulvic Acid by virtue of its tiny molecular size is able to penetrate plant cells directly.

This increases healthy plant growth and yield by delivering the beneficial trace elements directly to the metabolic centres of plant cells regardless of PH levels.

Benefits include:

  • Assisting in seed germination and growth.
  • Improving development of roots and shoots.
  • Helping plants resist fungal attacks.
  • Enhancing the update of nutrients.
  • Stimulating the metabolism of plants.
  • Aiding in chelation and the plant growth cycle.
  • Having a positive effect on plant RNA and DNA.
  • Aiding as a catalyst in plant respiration.
  • Increasing metabolism of proteins.
  • Increasing activity of multiple enzymes.
  • Increasing drought tolerance.
  • Aiding in chlorophyll synthesis.

Plant Elixir Humates

How do Plant Elixir Humates work?

Plant Elixir Humates have a Humic Acid content of 14.4%.

It acts as a chelator, meaning it is an organic molecule that ‘claws’ or wraps around beneficial micronutrients so that they can be absorbed by the plant.

The Humic Acid forms crystals in soil which can remain beneficial over years, drastically reducing and even eliminating the need for synthetic NPK fertilisers that require regular application and do not permanently improve soil fertility.

Humic Acid is used around the world in sustainable farming and is poised to disrupt current agricultural trends significantly.

Benefits include:

  • Increasing water holding capacity of soil, helping plants resist drought and plants to produce better crops in areas with less water.
  • Breaking down unproductive clay soil, turning it into profitable soil.
  • Helping retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers, releasing them as needed to growing plants, thus preventing soil leaching.
  • Stimulating seed germination and root growth, formation and respiration.
  • Improving drainage and soil aeration.
  • Enhancing a plant’s natural defences against toxins and disease.
  • Increasing protein and mineral contents of most crops.
  • Establishing a desirable environment for microorganism development.
  • Producing thicker, greener, healthier crops.

The Science

How do I use Plant Elixir on my plants?


Plant Elixir Humates: Add 20ml – 40ml to one litre of water and use once a week around the root of the plant or as a soil conditioner prior to planting.

Plant Elixir Humates can also be used at the same ratio as coating for your favourite fertilizer to increase the uptake and longevity of the fertiliser. It is very efficient if used with a kelp mix.

Due to its concentrated nature, it is best to reduce the ratio to maximum 10ml per litre of water and use sparingly on potted plants or during the seedling phase.


Plant Elixir Fulvates: Add 20ml – 40ml of to one litre of water and use around the root of the plant once a week during the growth or bloom phase. Plant Elixir Fulvates can be used in conjunction with your favourite nutrients or on its own.

It is important to note that while Plant Elixir Fulvates contains a wide variety of micronutrients, the molecule needs nutrients to ‘claw’ to or wrap itself around. If using in a low-nutrient environment, it would be beneficial to use as an additive to a nutrient rich grow medium or a few days after the application of Plant Elixir Humates.

Due to its concentrated nature, it is best to reduce the ratio to 10ml per litre of water and use sparingly on potted plants and 5ml during the seedling phase if absolutely necessary.

For foliar application reduce mix to around 5ml per litre and add to the wetting agent.

NOTE: If using both products, alternate use weekly.

Plant Elixir and PH

Plant Elixir Fulvates have a lab tested PH value of 1.8 when undiluted. The ratio of dilution, around 1/40 means that the final PH will be very close to the PH of the medium you are mixing it with.

Plant Elixir Humates have a PH value of 9.97 when undiluted. Again the 1/40 ratio of dilution means the final PH will be very close to the PH of the water or fertiliser mix.

It is worth noting that because Plant Elixir Fulvates and Humates are extracted from organic matter there may be functionally insignificant variations in PH per batch.

Why should I choose Plant Elixir

There are a lot of fake and low quality fulvic acid products on the market that are extracted from dubious organic sources. Plant Elixir has been laboratory tested and is the real deal. 

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